All Quotes of Earth:Revenge of the Living-Dead



DIE!DIE!DIE!!!!! - Said when killing alot of Zombies

Ouch you bitch! - Said when hit by a zombie

That is what you get for trying to steal my sandwiches... - Said when Killing a zombie that recently hit him

BOOM! - When getting a grenade kill

Theres LOADS OF THEM!!!! - When a big group approaches

Hey!Im not cleaning that up! - When getting alot of kills

Oh Crap!He just spat out freak bits! - Said when killing a zombie

Stabbing is boring... - said when killing alot of zombies with knife

Die you hellpigs!! - Said when killing alot of zombies


RAYY GUNNN!!!! - When getting a Ray Gun out of the box

Ok zombies...time to die - When getting a good gun out of the box

Beam Gun!Lovely - Said when getting the beam gun out of the box

Oh my Goodness...Why did I get this? - Said when getting a bad gun from the box

I like monkey - Said when getting the Monkey Grenade out of the Box

Looks like my Nerf Gun... - Said when getting an Assault Rifle out of the Box

I think this is what Sharikahn calls his Epic Scary thingy!!! - Said when getting the Wave Gun


Hey fucking Richtofen!Why did you not put my Music on?!! - said when getting Box Sale (Referance to COD Zombies charecter Edward Richtofen)

That Music Sucks!Its making my Headache worse! - said when going near a box during Box Sale

Good thing that bomb dosent hurt us! - Said when getting a Nuke

Errr....Lightning? - Said when getting Lightning Gun


Uhh...Its another fucking dog show! - Said at the Beggining of the Hellhound Round

Bring it on!I have treats for you!!! - Said at the Start of the Round

Where is Holly?Oh right...Holly!Tell god to send you down here and tackle these stupid dogs! - Said when having a Train of Hellhounds

Wow...We have pissed these mother fuckas off! - Said when loads of hellhounds come

Ammo Edit

Crap!I need ammo - Said when low/out of ammo

Throwing my gun at them will make them bleed - Said when out of ammo

Aw Shit!No ammo!!!! - When having no ammo